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Things you should have in your bag in "new normal" world.

Covid-19 hit the world in December of 2019. It became worse around most parts of the world in March 2020. From then leading to the present we are living in a world where we are seeing the new norm. Before 2020 we never expected that hand shaking will be avoided everywhere in the world. Interactions with others have changed now. Especially when it comes to digitalisation, we have to use zoom more than any other apps and most importantly wearing a face mask will be a part of our life.

Although people all around the world are starting to get vaccinated to fight covid-19, we are still getting getting introduced to new variants of covid-19, named as alpha, beta, gamma, delta. Scientists are still trying to figure out the effectivity of the vaccines over these new variant. So we can't say goodbye to face mask, hand sanitiser and social distancing yet. Though all of these habits are really great to have. Our health will thank us if we hold on to these habits.

Picture Credit: PAHO(Pan American Health Organization)

The things you should have in your bag to fight covid-19.

1. Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a fluid, gel or foam for cleaning hand to kill bacteria and germs when water and soap is not available. Keeping a hand sanitiser is always a good habit as we interact with germs all the time. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is preferred to kill the germs of covid-19. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser should contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol. Though washing hands with soap and water is always the best option.

Picture Credit: Healkit

2. Disinfectant spray/wipes

Disinfectant spray is used to kill germs from hard and soft surfaces . When we go out we have to touch lift buttons, door handles, seats of public transport and many more things like these. Spraying disinfectant on these objects will make us more safe from germs.

Picture Credit: BRProud

3. Extra face masks

Don't forget to put a mask properly covering your mouth and nose. Having some extra face masks will help you to be safe in any inconvenient situation.

Picture Credit: East Alabama Health

To be safe from covid-19 we must follow all the advice from World Health Organization.

If your age is over 18 and your country is providing vaccine, don't wait, get the vaccine as soon as you can. Vaccine is the only way to get rid of Covid-19 and stop the virus from coming up with new variant through mutation.


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