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The World's Double Standards

It is not uncommon for us to wonder how Palestine is continuously bombed, international law can be flouted, doctors, journalists, people with disabilities, and even innocent children are attacked, and yet nothing is done by those claiming to be the world's most "developed", "influential", and "powerful".

In Europe, it has been evident that the media is biased and that racism is prevalent since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

We've seen that disputes over Russia and its citizens have been exacerbated by the selective activism of brands and businesses that rushed to pull out of the country when it was "trendy". But, when it comes to Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Burma, Kashmir, and the list goes on. They all go unbelievably silent.

We've seen schools such as Wycombe High School punishing students who show solidarity by wearing keffiyeh or face paint, then censoring those who speak up against them or call out other forms of racism.

Even on social media, the Palestinian voice has been and continues to be silenced! We've seen how Instagram and Facebook have been making efforts to remove posts highlighting the atrocities occurring in Palestine and preventing them from speaking out have been met with a shadow banning including Bella Hadid's account. it has even gotten to the point where they have been removing accounts altogether.

sites that seek to promote free speech and serve as forums for all are also hell-bent on silencing voices!

There are many governments that are unable to acknowledge the problem adequately, let alone act against it!

FIFA fined and condemned the Celtic club after its fans showed their solidarity with Palestine by raising the Palestinian flag, claiming that sport must be separated from politics. Today, FIFA contradicts its standards and decides to remove the Russian clubs from the World Cup FIFA 22 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Celtic hit with £8,615 fine by UEFA for fans’ Palestine flags

Mohamed Abu Trika, Egyptian soccer player punished for "Sympathize With Gaza" shirt

We've never been allowed to speak about politics in sports BUT all of a sudden NOW it's allowed

When calls are made for sanctions on Israel, an Apartheid state according to both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, we are told by the government that Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions do not work.

Again, if they don't work why are we sanctioning Russia?

isn't it the continued double standards that we have to question and we deserve answers to?

At least 34 Palestinian children were killed this year! a terrifying sight for all of us!

It is apparent that media companies worldwide have not paid enough attention to their killing!

It does beg the question do Palestinian children not matter? Is their suffering, or trauma any less significant than our own?

I pray that the suffering of children worldwide comes to an end!

The treatment of human suffering should be the same wherever it occurs, there shouldn't be an "us and them" situation.

This should be the standard, yet feels like we are asking for too much, unfortunately.


As a matter of clarification, my solidarity goes to the people of Ukraine and their right to peace, as well as the Russians opposed to the war. However, there must be an end to the idea that Ukraine's war is a humanitarian issue and Palestine's bombings are political issues, People should not be treated as lesser humans and all humanitarian issues should be given the same importance!

Long live Palestine. Long live Gaza!

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