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The Hidden Paradise in Eastern Indonesia

Indonesia's natural attractions are endless to explore. Indonesia is blessed with an amazing variety of landscapes. The territory has about 17,504 islands, crossed by the equator, volcanic ranges, and a diversity of flora and fauna. This natural wealth makes Indonesia one of the exotic countries in Southeast Asia, but it is very unfortunate when people only know Bali as a tourist destination. In fact, there are thousands of tourist destinations in Indonesia, and yet is still unknown even for some Indonesian. so, here are the five natural tourist destinations in eastern Indonesia:


#1Pink Beach - Lombok

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Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) has a very unique beach. Due to the pink colour of the sand, this beach became popular with the nickname pink beach. Even though its real name is Tangsi Beach. This beach is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency. Pink Beach is now a mainstay destination for domestic and foreign tourists after going viral on social media. They seem to want to prove whether this beach has an extraordinary beauty because it is pink. Actually, the source of the pink colour on the beach is not the colour of the sand. But the colour comes from algae in the sea which are red and coral flakes are red. Then the colour is mixed with white sand until there is a beautiful mix of white and reddish colours.

#2 Ora Beach - North Seram

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Ora beach is located on Seram Island, Central Maluku. This is heaven on earth. No need to go far abroad to get a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful natural scenery (especially the beach). Ora Beach really offers unbeatable natural beauty, one more proof for tourists out there that Indonesia has beautiful beaches. This is one proof that Indonesia is very rich in its natural beauty if it is to be maintained properly. For tourists, this beach has provided resorts that stand on the beach with very clear water. The resorts here are in the form of houses on stilts made of wood so that they create a comfortable atmosphere to relax and relieve stress or stress. This place is very pampering visitors who want to find peace of mind.

#3 Lake Wekuri - Sumba Barat Daya

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Lake Wekuri is one of the mainstay tourist attractions on the island of Sumba. That's because this lake is one of the rarest saltwater lakes in the world. The colour of this green water makes this lake look amazing. This lake is filled with rocks like in the ocean area.

#4 Hidden Beach - Tanimbar Island

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It is no secret that the eastern part of Indonesia has a natural beauty that cannot be underestimated. Likewise with Saumlaki. This small town has a natural beauty that is still pure and natural. Not much explored, Saumlaki has a very beautiful and charming marine wealth. In addition, Saumlaki is also famous for its beautiful wooden sculptures. Located in the Tanimbar Islands, it must be admitted that distance is a major obstacle for everyone who wants to spend time enjoying the marine beauty of Saumlaki.

I am beyond proud to be born and raised till the age of 18th on this beautiful unknown island :) Yes! It’s my hometown.

#5 Gunung Jaya Wijaya - Papua

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I know it looks like Fuji Mountain, but I promise you it is not!

This mountain is known by Indonesian as a Jayawijaya mountain located in Papua. As you probably knew that Indonesia is a country located on the equator and has a tropical climate all the time, so it doesn't allow snow to fall in its territory. But natural wonders often appear in Indonesia. One of them is eternal snow at the top of Mount Jayawijaya. At the top of the highest mountain in Indonesia, the snow is so wide. Its height, which reaches 4,884 asl, makes eternal snow cover the top of this mountain in Papua. Snow at Puncak Jayawijaya is one of the unique natural phenomena because natural ice usually does not fall along the equator. When viewed from the air, Puncak Jayawijaya is like a rug covered in a white hood. If the sun is bright, then the expanse of snow will reflect the dazzling but still amazing sunlight.

Hope you all readers enjoy reading my blog post.


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