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The 5 podcasts you need to download on your Spotify.

The world of podcasts is huge and I without question listen to MANY. However, in this blog, I wrote about 5 podcasts that I definitely think you should download and listen to without hesitation. Each podcast is different from the other and I chose podcasts that all centre around a different theme.

1) Off Menu

by Ed Gamble and James Acaster

This podcast is hilarious. It is a food and comedy podcast in which guests are invited to select their dream menu by these British comedians Ed and James. Launched just in 2018 and receiving an award the year after in 2019 for the "best entertainment category" by British Podcasts award.

Before the "special" guest arrives, both Ed and James share a secret ingredient that at least one of them does not like. If the guest mentions this ingredient they are ejected from the Dream restaurant without getting any dinner. Very Few guests have been ejected including Jayde Adams, British comedian and actress. I was in tears of laughter in this episode. To date, there are 116 episodes. Plus why would you not want to listen to food?

2) The making money simple podcast

by Ryan King

One thing is, I started listening to money podcasts recently and this is one of the money podcasts that I highly recommend. This podcast is by Ryan who lives and works in London and he started this podcast to help people achieve financial freedom. In every episode, there is a guest speaker who is related to the title of the podcast itself and specialises in it to give you expert knowledge on it.

Some of the recent episodes include "Mortgages 101", "What is Bitcoin and why we invest in it", "From saver to Investor" and "Passive Income &Hustles" After listening to this podcast, I feel more financially empowered and it helped me massively in managing my finances without making things very complicated.

3) You're dead to me

by Greg Jenner

The history podcast for those that don't like history and those who do. It is so so good and interesting and is so funny. Greg talks and discusses the best names in history to learn and laugh about the past. Some of the episodes I have listened to on this podcast include "The History of football", "The Egyptian pyramids", "The history of chocolate", and "Neanderthals." I myself do not like history and I love and enjoy this podcast so much.

One of my favourite episodes was "The history of football." Topics that were discussed included where football came from and whether it was really invented in China as some say? In this episode, Greg, the guy who hosts these podcasts is joined by Tom Parry, an English comedian and historian Professor Jean Williams. Why would you not want to listen to a podcast that has a comedian and a historian at the same time?

4) Happy Place

by Fearne Cotton

I started listening to this podcast in lockdown and have fallen involve with the series. It is so relaxing and easy to listen to. Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them. I love this podcast because I love hearing about how people reflect what they handled on different events and obstacles in their life.

This podcast speaks to celebrating life and facing the struggles rather than just avoiding them. I also find it interesting that many people find happiness in different ways. This podcast will grow your spiritual strength and help you learn to do so as much as possible.

5) Little Mind Chats

by Siyona Vikram

Siyona is the youngest of all podcasters that I have mentioned in this blog and she has started her own podcast titled "Little Mind Chats" after realising there was a niche for children's podcasts. Siyona started filming podcasts when she realised that there were very few podcasts that exist for children. Imagine that Siyona also started her own petition to ban plastic toys, which she mentions and discusses in her podcast episodes. Listening to Siyona, you will know what is happening in the world.

Siyona has released 85 podcasts to date and each podcast is about 15-30 minutes long. Some of her podcasts include "Ocean and Pollution with Hannah Whitby" "Climate change with Lynn Englum" and "Mindset of An Athlete with Cory Champ" All of the topics that Siyona Discusses are thought-provoking and adults definitely need to listen to this podcast too.


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