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Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bangalore (Review)

Happy New Year folks! I imagine this 31st celebrations were not what you expected in the covid, lockdown and quarantine depending on which part of the world you are in. However we did have the good fortune of being able to step out for lunch on the 1st of January 2021, and what an amazing time we had indeed.

Sunday Brunch Review _ Sheraton Grand Whitefield Bangalore

We have been to the Sheraton Grand before, and I never got around to writing about the fabulous brunch they offer on Sundays. We got lucky because when we were looking up options for a New Year brunch - they had it going on a Friday! In my opinion - if you enjoy the casual, chilled out Sunday brunch vibe - this is the one to try when in Bangalore, India.


The food spread is super extensive, offering live counters that stretch almost a mile. You can either watch them prepare the food for you, or ask them to serve it to your table. Don't believe me on the enormity of the spread? Check out some of the pictures that I took, at the brunch.

Please note: I say some pictures. These photographs don't do justice to the actual spread, but I've tried my best to give you a gist of this meal.

The salads, soups and mains are spread miles longer than the live counters. Food ranging from Indian, to Oriental, to Continental. There isn't a cuisine you can think of that they haven't catered to at this brunch.

The desserts are an absolute delight to behold, and taste like everything you imagined it to be. The dessert spread was a meal in itself.


Mimosas at Brunch - Sheraton Grande Whitefield

One welcome drink, punch or beer or breezer. (For the normal brunch)

Open Bar - Unlimited Alcoholic Beverages (For the complete package brunch)

I haven't included pricing for the Brunch, as it tends to change. Please call ahead and enquire about the Brunch tariff. Please be advised, this Brunch is on the expensive side - but inline with what most 5 Star Hotel's offer at a brunch of this scale.


It's quite the chilled out Sunday at the Sheraton Grande Whitefield Brunch. It's got some nice music playing indoors and has a seating that extends outdoors as well. There are tables under pergolas or out in the sunshine - right around the pool.

In terms of social distancing in these corona virus times, tables are set far apart. And all the SOPs are in place to make sure you feel as safe as you can possibly feel in a public place.

Service & Staff

The staff are courteous and kind. The wait staff are prompt as can be - making sure your drinks are topped up and your tables are cleared for your next round of food.

We had an especially nice waiter who catered to us, which made us have an even better time than we expected. Good service and staff, really is everything!


12:30 PM to 4 PM, Sunday's.


Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center, India

We had the best time on New Years 2021, as well as that one Sunday - that we ate this glorious meal. We came back expecting the same meal, but the spread was different - in all the good ways! We are sure to go back another lazy Sunday to have the cocktails and eat the yummy food.

Hopefully we will see you around there too. It's a must visit, must drink, must eat brunch!

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