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Small Businesses We Love!

Small Businesses are taking the world by storm. The coronavirus has forced small businesses across the globe to invest more in e-commerce and social media to stay afloat. Instagram has played a big role as a wave of small businesses surged all over In 2020 where individual creators showcased their talent, creativity, and hard work.

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These are 4 small businesses that you can shop from and I promise you won't be disappointed. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Ruchita Shirodkar a jewellery designer born In Goa, India and raised In Kenya comes from a long line of talented jewellery designers who influenced her love for the art of jewellery making. Her beautiful, bold statement jewellery Is Inspired by Kenyan tribes and methods which pushed her to play around with patterns and designs to make unique and abstract pieces. " Nature is my biggest inspiration because I look closely at everything around me, I find shapes and hues that the earth has provided me with and as an artist, it's up to me to create with what I have", says Ruchita. As a brand SÅTORÎ is completely sustainable as they reuse silver, pieces of eroded sea glass and anything that is recyclable, she says "everything is wearable if you’re bold enough!" At SÅTORÎ they believe in making one of a kind jewellery and never making the same piece twice. So if you are looking to make a statement whilst supporting nature head on over to SÅTORÎ to get your one of a kind piece.


Since the pandemic began a lot of Individuals have not been in their best shape mentally or physically and this 17-year-old decided to take initiative and do something to just see smiles on peoples faces. Mansha Sadhwani from Thane, Mumbai was always surrounded by love and warmth by her family, she always aspired to share that love and appreciation with the people around her. Mansha's interest in psychology also piqued her interest in mental health when she observed that everyone around was so busy in their never-ending work cycles which inspired her to make self-care kits to push people to stop and take a break to focus on themselves. So a few months ago Mansha started making self-care kits that consist of one item each that stimulates your 5 senses - touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. The self-care kit includes homemade chocolates, Spotify scan codes, Polaroids, sheet masks, scented candles, socks, perfume and a journal. It's a gender-neutral self-care kit. Everybody deserves to be loved and appreciated so if you want to send someone your love sending them this kit is a perfect way to express it.

The Colour box Goa

Are you looking for cute Pinterest products? well, this is the place for it! Colour box Goa is a small business run by the beautiful and talented Taneesha Salkar who makes adorable resin key chains, coasters, dog tags along with handmade seed bead jewellery. The Colour box Goa is your one-stop shopping place for affordable, handmade and trending pieces. Taneesha started this business while her summer holidays with no intention of knowing where it will take her as she had to go through hoops to get here. She is still figuring out how to split her time between school and work but she is positive that all this is teaching her how to be responsible, after all the smiles and the feedback she gets makes her extremely happy and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Bubble Town

If you want to unwind from a day full of chaos and stress this small business has you covered! Bubble Town specializes in making handmade little bars of goodness that will nourish your skin and flourish your soul! These soap bars are made with natural ingredients that feel good on your skin and are filled with essential oils. The bars come in different scents and shapes so you don't have to worry as you will find something for a coffee lover as well as for someone who loves smelling like candy I assure you there is always something for everyone at Bubble town. In today's time with Climate change being so prevalent you too should make the extra effort of switching to handmade soap bars rather than using body washes in plastic bottles or commercial soaps. This small business started off In 2020 has expanded into selling more handmade products such as bath bombs, wire name necklaces and Spotify plaques. Everything at Bubble Town retails for such an affordable price with no compromises on quality so go ahead and make your way to their page and place an order now!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and have an opportunity to look through, and support these fabulous small businesses.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the blog post belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the organisation, blog owner and/or management. The blog owner and management take no responsibility for the material's authenticity and/or accuracy.

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