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Saturday Evening Drunch Heaven : Renaissance Bangalore, India

A Saturday evening in Bangalore and you don't know what to do? You don't quite want to go clubbing or partying - but are looking for some scrumptious food, and free flowing alcohol. Then this the scene for you!

Whether it's you and your friends, colleagues, loved ones - 'Lush' is a great vibe for everyone. A great space to go to after your half-day of work too!

I have tonnes of amazing things to say about this fun drunch at Lush - at the Renaissance. It was a great IPL match evening between CSK and RCB - and the energy of the space was through the roof at the Red Bar. What a fun evening indeed! There were several other factors that made this drunch worth it all - I'm going to dive into it now:


A spread to thrill absolutely anyone! With starters ranging from live counters, like khow suey and tupka - add your own veges - which felt like a meal in itself. We made sure to get a small bowl so as to save space for all the rest on the menu - didn't quite work out that way though!

The barbecue counters with Indian and oriental delights... were an absolute treat! A variety of vegetables and meats, and seafood to choose from. We mixed and matched, and ate to our hearts content. Live 'chaat' style, cart like counters added some fun to the meal experience as well.

There was enough starters or beginners to fill our tummies and satiate our souls.

But they were not done yet... The main course was a spread in itself, it included biryanis and all the sides that go with it, like raita and papadam. As well a spread of pulaos, dals, and amazingly juicy meat - curries.

Oh and deserts, hell yess! From cakes and ice creams, to panna cottas and various other devious delights in jars. We definitely didn't have space for it, so we shared a plate just so we could try the goodies that were so temping to the eye and even more so glorious in flavor.

Last but not the least, chai (tea) served in the cutting-chai format! Such Joy indeed. They just had to throw that last bit in - Perfect end for those who went with the Non-alcoholic Drunch.


Beer and Wines, and Liquor. Unlimited in the Alcoholic Drunch.


It was light and breezy if you sat outside, and well lit and bustling in the inside. It has more of a family audience as well as few young couples and large groups of friends that were around to watch the IPL match. A place that catered to all indeed.

Service & Staff

There aren't enough words for the staff at the Ren-Bar and at Lush - they were attentive to every detail, were generous in the assistance of service and made sure our glasses were always full.

They even went out of their way to make our evening even better than we thought we signed on for - when there was a sudden down pour of rain, and we were stuck in area with no access - the staff got us an umbrella and got wet in the process of helping us out. Not just 5 star service - but 6 stars indeed.

If and when we go back, the service would definitely be one of the reasons we do so.


4 PM to 10PM , Saturday's.



Lush, Renaissance Bangalore, India.

Please call the restaurant for prices. It was Rs.1000 all inclusive for Non-Alcoholic and Rs.1500 for the Alcoholic Drunch, when we went there in October 2020. #Brunch Which we thought was great value for money!

With the super courteous staff and the fun IPL energy... it was a treat for us on a non-party yet happy Saturday evening!

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