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Night Life Clubs / Party Places in Goa | The Complete North Goa Guide 2021 Series | 2 of 6

So I started with a plan to create one video with restaurants, thali joints, and night clubs / party places in North Goa, that I enjoy or frequent - however post recording, I realized that the video was an absolute mammoth with the number of places I had put into it.

With an attempt to shorten it, I broke down the video into smaller bite size videos (mind you, the editing was a nightmare) and the results - not that greatest in terms of editing proficiency. But I think the content is still worth it! So here's hoping that this video and accompanying blog posts is honestly useful and informative.

This video is a part of a 6 Part Series of The Complete North Goa Guide 2021.

Featured in the Video:

Night Life / Clubs -

  • Cohiba - Sinquerim, North Goa

  • Sinq - Sinquerim, North Goa

  • Showbar - Sinquerim, North Goa

  • Soro - Assagao, North Goa

  • Thalasa - Sislim, North Goa

  • Cantare - Saligao, North Goa

  • Cavala - Baga, North Goa

  • Taverna - Panjim, North Goa

  • Soho - Panjim, North Goa

  • Tito's - Baga, North Goa

  • Mambo's - Baga, North Goa

  • Cape Town - Baga, North Goa

Local Bars -

  • Joseph Bar - Fontainhas, North Goa

  • Mafia cocktail - Pilerne, North Goa

For all you, who want it all - in one video. The last video in the series will be the mammoth video that I talked about initially with all the restaurants, thali joints, beach shacks and night life spots in one. So if you are interest in that, please subscribe to my Youtube channel and sign up to the mailing list on my blog page ( ), to be notified when we release the next video in the series.

I've tried my best here folks!

Much Love,


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