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Lazy Girl French Toast

I’m not a good cook by any means. I don’t hate cooking but I am kind of a disaster when it comes to not giving myself food poisoning on a daily basis. I tend to eat a lot of microwaved and air fryer food because it’s easy. But lately, I’ve been trying to get more into cooking things. Even if it is small meals with a couple of simple steps. In this blog, I thought I would show you how I make cinnamon french toast.

First I start by heating up a pan with some butter. I usually just throw a tea spoon’s worth in.

Then, I’ll get a bowl and crack an egg into it.

I’ll add a tiny drop of milk and a ridiculous amount of cinnamon—usually five shakes of my cinnamon shaker.

After this, I take out a fork and just whisk these three ingredients together. I usually stop when there’s no visible egg yoke left.

After this, I take a slide of whitebread and dunk it into the bowl. Then I turn it over and do this again.

Once both sides are coated I throw the bread into the pan.

I don’t really time my french toast I’ll just continue to check on it, flipping it with a spatula until both sides are golden brown.

Then just repeat these steps until you have as much french toast as you want!

This is my lazy girl, no measuring just guesstimating french toast, hope you try it out and enjoy it!


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