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Today I am going to discuss how COVID-19 has affected mankind’s health condition and the educational state, respectively.

The first thing that I should mention is the immense effect on people’s mental well-being. For instance, since the virus has spread in all possible countries, it is barely impossible to meet your loved ones face to face. And having been a student, I could not afford to purchase a ticket to see my grandparents for the last time. An the fact that I was not quite sure when this hazardous disease might be all over the world and confirmed by world famous Health Organizations such as «WHO or UNESCO» (I did not know when I could see my grandparents again or even if I might lose them because of the pandemic.)

The biggest fear instilled in people from all around the world was losing their loved ones to Covid-19

Despite the fact that the world was under pressure because of the detrimental virus, I found an opportunity to spend my spare time investing In my studies. Therefore, I’m really proud of myself for pursuing studying and for gaining new knowledge. That’s why right now I’m going to share my top three applications which can help you to overcome your fears or anxiety.

Here are they:


The best app ever that It assists you to stabilize your mental health and may also enhance your overall well-being.


This app is the useful and has a free exercise coach buddy . I’m not going to say that everything is for free, but if you need to train your whole body during the day sitting on your couch, that would be a great one for you.


Likewise, if you’re keen on having a strict timetable for your weekend, it would be easier to have this special app on your phone.

As far as I know, another issue with COVID-19 is spreading across the world and has affected individual daily habits or even beauty rituals. For instance: if I used to wear a mask on a special occasion such as Halloween parties or when I got sick, in this current situation I have to wear the mask to prevent microbes and virus infection in my health.

Try to eat more healthy food, learn modern languages, skin care routines and share your positive energy. I wish you all the best! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post;

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