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Our present world is divided into two generations which we call the Gen Z or Millennials and Boomers. But the major conflict that goes on in our society is the difference in the mindset between these two very different groups of individuals. So, how do we close this gap?

Let's start with Gen Z and millennials. Me being one of them can relate to what they feel. A generation that wants to know where they belong. A generation that wants to work for themselves, that wants to start up their own businesses, that wants to explore career options other than doctors and engineers, a generation which wants to explore their sexuality, who are not obsessed with marriages and want to settle down when they feel like it and the list goes on.

But we know that the generation our parents and grandparents come from thinks very differently. The opinions we have towards life might not match theirs which only causes conflicts and quarrels.

When it comes to the generation before us, all we know is that the environment and abode they lived in were very different from ours. Even though I was raised in a very different surrounding than theirs the least we can do is try to understand them and their point of view because we know that they want what's best for us; even if it doesn't seem right to us. They had a completely different atmosphere and a very stubborn society that made them who they are. They feel the need to follow certain morals which were passed on to them and they expect us to abide by them too. - Times of India


Let us jump to some solutions now. The one thing we need is balance. The balance between the mentalities. It is not easy to achieve but isn't impossible either. The time we're living in calls for mental peace, balance, consistency, understanding, patience and optimism. It can help us achieve the balance we are looking for.

Well, let's start with conversations.


I know it isn't the most unique and smartest advice out there but trust me, it will help. It might end up in an argument but one of the groups has to understand that they HAVE to be patient. Try to analyze and understand why are they saying that stuff. Try to empathize with their thoughts. Even if we disagree with their school of thought we must learn to respect it.

The other solution can be simply not caring. I know it seems harsh but if you are unable to understand and balance out the misunderstandings, stop caring about them. We all see these relatable posts on social media which tell us to stop caring about people's opinions and we all like them and move on but for once let's start implementing them.

One more thing we can do is start accepting.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Lao Tzu

We need to learn from this and start accepting that the times have changed. As most of the people have a mentality to gel in with their crowds and keep up with the trends they start picking up stuff happening around them, because all they want is acceptance from their society. Both generations need to accept that they do stuff for recognition from their society. They do it so they are seen by the people around them.

I personally would like to plead the Genz's and millennials to have an open mind and start being more patient and tolerating because at the end of the day it is your mental peace that matters.

I just hope that whoever reads this has a portion of food for their thought and start taking steps to bring the change.

Be it any generation we all are humans at the end of the day. Let's start living happily and in the most optimistic way possible.


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Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh

Very well thought and written, Had quite a few insights while reading it. Keep up the good work💛

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