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Five Lakes View Point (Ooty, India)

A drive to Five Lakes View Point during COVID times, year 2020 - was the perfect escape, to experience scenic views and clear rained-upon roads. Here are some pictures from our adventure...

Trip to Five Lakes point was nothing but extraordinary!

With no people in sight, we witnessed the beauty of the wild-life taking over. A truly marvelous experience - one should definitely witness for yourself.

Wild-Life Witness

View from the Top

The view of the hills surrounding the five lakes is truly magical. A trip worth taking, a view breath-taking! If you and your loved ones want to go for a drive, within the safety of your car and not be exposed to hazards of exposure to the Corona Virus - then pack a few snacks, and just drive here.

Direction: Five Lakes is located near Emerald village in the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu. It is located in a region called the silent valley, about 25 km from the Ooty town, Tamil Nadu, India.

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