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Expo 2020: My Experience ( Part One )

Expo 2020 has been the talk of the town for a long time, and I've wanted to visit since it started in October, At last my wish came true! The expo site is 1083 acres in size, and visiting all 200 pavilions might take weeks.I visited about 45 pavilions in two days and walked for roughly 30 kilometres, so my advice would be to wear your most comfortable shoes and an outfit that is light weighted and easy to move around In. Heres a glimpse of my Expo Visit!

Tickets 🎟

You can buy your Expo 2020 tickets form the Expo website -

or the Expo app available on iOS and Android or you can buy them at the Expo site in person.

(Tip- buying the tickets online can save you time , help you schedule your smart queue's and having the Expo app is useful for navigating around the Expo)

Example Of the Expo Ticket                                             (please note that this ticket can't be used and you will have to purchase your own
Example Of the Expo Ticket 🎟 (please note that this ticket can't be used and you will have to purchase your own)

Covid - 19 Safety Measures 🦠

Entry Requirements - 18 & and Above - ( If you are vaccinated 💉 ) You must carry a proof of at least one dose of any Covid vaccine recognised by any Expo 2020 participating country or is recognised by WHO ( World Health Organisation )

18 & Above - ( If you are unvaccinated ❌💉) You must present a negative PCR test certificate for a test conducted within the last 72 hours.

Please take the PCR test at least one day before your visit to Expo as results will take up to 10 hours. You will not be allowed into the site without a negative PCR test.

The Expo Site 🏢

Expo Map: Credit - Expo 2020 Dubai Armenia Twitter
Expo Map: Credit - Expo 2020 Dubai Armenia Twitter

The Expo site Is divided into 5 districts.

  • Mobility District

  • Sustainability District

  • Al-Forsan

  • Opportunity District

  • Jubilee

( For More Information Visit - )

Things To Do 🎡( other than Country Pavilions )

( First Picture Credit -, Third Picture Credit - Jubilee Park - EXPO 2020 DUBI Pedro Nascimento )

Other than visiting Country pavilions at the site you can explore attractions at the jubilee park and check the events calendar on the expo app to find something you'd like to attend. Some country pavilion's have cinemas that run movies all day or If you are a foodie you can explore the wide range of street food, restaurants and country specific restaurants under every country's pavilion that offers you food and gastronomy from that country itself.

Essentials 🎒

Dubai's temperature and heat is unbeatable so I would suggest that you-

  • Wear comfortable shoes

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Carry a cap

  • Carry sunglasses

  • Wet tissues

  • Bottle of water ( that can be refilled as the expo has a water stations and visitor centres that have washrooms, showrooms and prayer rooms )

  • Loose change as vending machines are situated everywhere

  • Deodorant to stay fresh all day

  • Power bank

Pavilions 🏢

Germany 🇩🇪 - The Germany Pavilion is located in the Sustainability District and is designed as "Campus Germany," gathering and displaying data about Germany's extensive education system, which attracts thousands of international students, the pavilion showcases German innovations and sustainable solutions. Wear cutting-edge connected devices and explore themed areas such as The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab, and The Biodiversity Lab, before concluding your experience with a magical show featuring swinging seats to represent the world coming together. Visitors will be tasked with swinging the seats in perfect harmony in order to demonstrate how great things can be accomplished by working together, demonstrating that there is more that unites us than divides us.

Campus Germany!

Activities at the Germany pavilion

Let's Swing

Spain 🇪🇸 - The Spain Pavilion is located in the Sustainability District and aims to be an example of intelligent creativity capable of uniting people around sustainable projects in science, technology, production, education, and art. The Pavilion also features iconic architecture that tends to protect high temperatures at bay. An art installation leads to the theatre, where a fantastic storey of collaboration, the dynamo a art installation and a mascot of the well-known television show La Case De Papel ( Money Heist)

Spain Pavilion
Spain Pavilion

Dynamo, an interactive work by Daniel Canogar

Money Heist - La Casa De Papel

The Forest of Intelligence

Israel 🇮🇱 - The Israel Pavilion is Located In Al-Forsan and has a magnificent 360 ° Immersive show that represents Israel and its innovations, culture and music in this upbeat show.

360° Experience

India 🇮🇳 - The India Pavilion is a four-story pavilion located in Al-Forsan, with each floor dedicated to showcasing India's art, culture, literature, cinema, and cuisine from all 29 states and 7 union territories. The pavilion is extremely informative and unique in its kind.

Cosmic India 🚀 - Mission Mangalyaan & ISRO , India's origin with Yoga , Different herbs and spices cultivated In the countries.

Charismatic India✨ - Showcasing the culture of dance, music and art of all the various states ,the Iconic Bollywood film Industry and 3d models of famous architectural and monumental statues, figures and sites in India.

Corporate India 💼 - India’s growth and its huge market add hope and promise to the world economy. Its open business environment, an abundance of young talent, strengths across verticals and vast resources make it an ideal business partner.

Emerging India 📈 - This floor consisted of Indian made robots , a holographic figure of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri- Narendra Modi who shares a few words with the visitors, India's relations with UAE and other countries.

amongst all this the pavilion consists of handmade art and clothing for India that can purchased to support the art and also Indulge In a personalised experience.

1st Picture - ISRO, 2nd Picture- Statue of Unity Model & 3rd Picture- Me at the India Pavilion

Yoga In India

Herbs In India

Tribute to the Bollywood Film Industry

Talking to a Indian made Robot

Charismatic India Showcasing the culture of India

United States Of America 🇺🇸 ( USA ) - The USA Pavilion is located in Al-Forsan highlights America's path to freedom, inventions made in America that changed the world, and a show that connects the exhibit narratives, echoing their messages in an unprecedented way. This is an experience that touches on the biggest and boldest ideas and presents the very cutting edge of what's possible, but it's also human at its core.

Space X Rocket

American Freedom

Steve Jobs Iphone

American Innovations

DP World 🌍 - Al-Forsan is home to the DP World Pavilion. DP World is an Emirati multinational logistics company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It is an expert in cargo logistics and port terminal operations. The pavilion discusses the company's accomplishments and future projects, as well as making a significant sustainable change to help the environment. The centrepiece of this pavilion is a massive digitalized waterfall.

Man-made Waterfall

Switzerland 🇨🇭- In the Opportunity District, you'll find the Switzerland Pavilion. You can hike through a sea of fog or ride a magic carpet to experience the thrill and  excitement as Switzerland's breathtaking nature comes into view. The pavilion also includes the country's future challenges as well as past challenges.

Switzerland Pavilion

Attractions 🎠

PepsiCO - PepsiCo - Is a fun pavilion to visit. It is located in the Opportunity District and offers a variety of entertaining and engaging activities for all ages.

🧕🏽🇦🇪👳🏽‍♀️ Sameem - Story of Our Culture - This attraction displays UAE'S fine culture ....................and has fun activities like picture spots , free coffee and dates , getting your written In Arabic ,free henna and so much more!

🏛 Al - Wasal Dome - This is the heart of the Expo! and one of the most beautiful ...................structures at the Expo. Everyday at 6:30 pm the dome lights up and is a ...................mesmerising sight to catch.

🌊 The Waterfall Installation - The Man-made waterfall Installation Is a fun ...................Activity everyone and is must visit.

Youtube- Jay Day Vids

I was lucky enough to experience this as it truly was a once In a lifetime opportunity. Hoping this blog helps you plan your visit to Expo 2020 or If you can't make It I hope you vicariously lived through this❤️


Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the blog post belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the organization, blog owner and/or management. The blog owner and management take no responsibility for the material's authenticity and/or accuracy.

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