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Explore the Unknown (Ooty, India)

Exploring the unknown, at one of Ooty's sites of historical significance: Penstock View Point. Come step into this world of extravagant views and trails within the State of Tamil Nadu, India.

Ooty, India _ Ayesha Joshi Product

A place where the clouds are always there to greet you!

At Penstock View Point, you would find structures like the over-sized water/surge tank (A sluice for controlling water flow to a hydroelectric power plant). As well as an age old rope car and winch mechanism which was used to transport workers of hydro power plant.

Penstock Water Tank, Ooty
Penstock Rope Cart, Ooty
Penstock, Ooty

But the most wondrous aspect of Penstock is, those landscape views which are absolutely out of is world. One is surround by the quiet and dense forest. And if all you want to do is spend time in the wilderness - Well you are in luck! Penstock is the place for you.

Come and see for yourself... Just 1610 M above Sea Level.

View at Penstock, Ooty, India
View at Penstock, Ooty, India
View at Penstock, Ooty, India

Research your trek of the trails on Google Maps. Come see it for yourself, you don't want to miss out on exploring this less-known treasure of Ooty, India.

Please Note: If you would like to stay in the area, special permissions are required by EB and Forest Department. There are several Travel Agencies available online that can assist you with stay packages.

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