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3 Everyday High Heels from Zara #MustHave #Basics

Every gal knows that the basics are everything! Those classic pieces that she can swap around and wear no matter the time of year or the occasion.. the ones you can dress up or dress down depending on whether it is a day filled with meetings or night out with friends.

Here is some of my basics - Zara high heels. I know it's not the shoe brand for everyone. People prefer Zara clothing over their shoes and other accessories. However, ever since I've tried a pair - I've had no complains at all! Comfortable on the feet and comfortable on your pocketbook as well.

The staple Black, Brown and Nude... the colors in almost in every girlfriend's wardrobe. So here are some shots of the basics in my wardrobe from Zara Women. If it's not these specific ones - they could be your versions of stable high heels from brands that you prefer.

1. Vinyl Sandals With Methacrylate Heels

Basic basic basic and yet super trendy and elegant - you can pair this with absolutely any outfit and it is sure to spruce it up!

Outfit Pairing Options:

1. Pair it with angle length skinny jeans and it's ready for a night out.

2. Pair it with some mom jeans - rock the casual chic like you run the town.

3. Pair it with a long dress, body con dress even - and these transparent heels are an accessory in itself.

Link to get your own:

2. Tan High Heel Shoes

The browns are a standard like none other - it can be casual when you need it to be, as it is not-all-that loud-and-proud like black and yet can be an absolute class apart when wore as a replacement to that all-so-boring black. Now I know this is not the typical brown, it's tan - but hello, it's beautiful! Sure to catch a few eyes.

And yes, this picture may not seem it - but these are some high-high heels. I would recommend you go for a height that is comfortable for your every day minimum 6 hours in them height. Choose comfort over long legs - it pays off at the end of the day. (but, that's just my opinion) Go be you, go be sexy!

Outfit Pairing Options:

1. Pair it with a tan scarf, under a long jacket/coat and you are all set. Here is a link to a tan scarf, if you like how the pairing sounds :

2. Pair it with light wash jeans and it will lift the outfit up.

3. Pair it with linen wide leg trouser - up that casual boho into boho chic!

3. Animal Print High Heel Shoes

A pointy toe heel (like the tan heel above) is a must have! And a classic black for absolutely - yes, absolutely any occasion is just the perfect fixer-upper for any outfit. Now add some animal print to that - why not! Just the right amount of spice and yet classic all over.

What I'm also loving about Zara these past few months - is the release of these self colored heels not wrapped in the fabric of the shoe but instead made of a solid plastic (not the cheap looking kind). These new heels are just amazing - how many of us have lost perfectly good shoes and shred through those heels at garden parties, and the distain of wearing wedges (eiks!) to wedding receptions at lawns. Oh don't you just hate it when your heel dives into the grass, and all you can think of is - there goes another great pair of high heels. No more, no more!

Outfit Pairing Options:

Absolutely Everything and Anything!

Hope this blog post inspires you to find and invest in those stable items that every wardrobe longs to have, and every gal needs to have in her fashionable yet chilled life.

Happy shopping! Happy holidays folks!


Please Note: I've tried my best to include links to products. You may be able to purchase the ones I couldn't link, at your local brand stores. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from links placed in this blog.

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