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Dubai Expo 2020:Larger than life experience


I still remember receiving a spontaneous and impromptu email from my college that conveyed that students' visit to Dubai Expo 2020 will be scheduled soon, Looking at its pictures and reading so much about it made my heart bloom with excitement and butterflies in my tummy, Maintaining the countdown until d-day arrived, When I reached the humungous premises of Dubai Expo my eyes couldn’t stop staring at the beauty and all I could think was of efforts taken to build pavilions on such a large scale. At the end of the day, there’s a sense of accomplishment that I felt after exploring and wandering around the streets of the expo. It was indeed a mind-blowing experience.

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Dubai Expo 2020 has been the talk of the town since its commencement, with a larger-than-life experience, magnificent technology, jaw-dropping advancements, and mesmerizing architecture. Undoubtedly it seemed as if every country is more beautiful and climbing the escalator of growth at a faster pace than anyone else could imagine. Every country portrays its culture most creatively.

Country: United Arab Emirates

City: Dubai

Duration: Over 6 months

Area: 1080 acres

Countries Participating:192

No.of days:182 days

Expo 2020 Passport

The Expo revolved around 3 themes and those were:

1. Terra: The Sustainability Pavillion

2. Alif: The Mobility Pavillion

3. Mission Possible: The Opportunity Pavillion

Each country’s pavilion is based on one of three themes, diversity and culture.

Without further ado, Let’s explore tiny and very beautiful captivating pavilions.

1. Comoros

The subtheme of the Comoros pavilion was Sustainability, It had a magical appeal of aquatic animals on-screen felt real. Plastics have always been proven harmful to the aquatic world, aquatic animals were built with recycled plastics and it seemed real. The rare and charismatic Coelacanth fish was made with recycled plastic and it felt like a demonstration of the aquatic world in the most creative way.

Exploring the tour of the “garden of marvels” surrounded by beautiful flowers, I also went on an aromatic tour of spices and fragrances like Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Vanilla. Being said Cloves and nutmeg have revolutionalized medicine and the food industry, Vanilla and Ylang Ylang have set the bar high in the fragrances and perfume industry.

The other section of the pavilion was inspired by the Queen of Sheba, it depicted that make a wish and casting a ring into the fiery crater of Mount Karthala which is an activated volcano and the highest point in Comoros.

2. Lebanon

The subtheme of the Lebanon pavilion was Opportunity .A country with unmatched beauty, On one side it has humungous mountains and on the other has Meditarrian. A country of crossroads where east meets west. Widely known for lush green valleys, coniferous mountains, and the Baskinta waterfall which is famous all over the world.

The highlight of the pavilion was dozens of swings placed in a room urging explorers to visit Lebanon via drone shows and the tour of islands using high technology and advancements. I truly enjoyed the show and yes Lebanon is the latest addition to my travel list. One could also indulge in the local Lebanese food just outside the pavilion.

3. Georgia

The subtheme of the Georgia pavilion was Sustainability. A beautiful country between Europe and Asia, It is known for its snowy mountains, diverse food, and culture, Black sea coast, lush green valley, and famous wine.

Georgia is the oldest winemaking nation, due to its unique process, it has been mentioned in UNESCO’S Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The pavilion also had posters of the Georgian language that has 33 letters and is known as Mtavruli. The wine-making and storage types of equipment including the Qveveri, which is a clay pot used for storing/fermenting wine were kept there for people to have a worthy visual experience.

4. Cuba

The subtheme of the Cuba pavilion was Sustainability. It is widely known as an incubator for innovation. The most vibrant pavilion I explored was the Cuba one because of the vibe and charisma it had, I felt like an explorer on the streets of Havana whilst the local music hummed in my ears.

Apart from the depiction of colorful streets the customs, traditions, natural wonders, tourism, exceptional educational policy, and advancements in biotechnology were presented. Cuba is worldwide popular for its sugarcanes. The growth of sugarcane has upscaled the economic and social status of Cuba.

5. Yemen

The subtheme of the Yemen pavilion was Sustainability. A country in the middle east known for its rich heritage and culture influenced by the Sheba kingdom and early Islam. It is also known as the world’s oldest skyscraper city.

It depicted the power that knowledge carries. Be seated on the comfortable couch, and go through the immense knowledge and wisdom with a cup of authentic Yemeni coffee. Visually experience the miraculous book of Al Wisabi an original handwritten Yemeni manuscript that revolutionalized the world.

I truly bow down and appreciate all the people involved in bringing the vision of Expo 2020 a reality, it was once a lifetime experience that opened the doors of diverse cultures, knowledge, tradition, beauty, and developments of all the country pavilions. Congratulations to the ones who got an opportunity to visit the Expo and to the rest you still can have the mesmerizing virtual tour available on the official website of the Dubai expo.


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