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An Ideal Morning Routine

“If you win the morning, you win the day”-Tim Ferris

It is extremely important to be aware of the task to be completed in the morning itself, in order to save time, or else most of the morning time gets wasted in the prime confusion of what to do and what to avoid? Being confused in the morning leads to a downfall in motivation and perseverance. day with low-energy thoughts can cost you the entire day.

So here’s an ideal morning routine

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1. Hydrate your body-

The first thing one should do is drink water because our body is dehydrated since last night and it gives a signal to our brain that it’s now time to begin our day. It is a quick way to rehydrate your body. It balances the body temperature. Water primarily helps to flush out toxins from our body and transport nutrients all over the body. Water should be not gulped but it should be consumed sip by sip. It leads to increased blood flow making skin healthier and radiant.

2. Gratitude Journaling-

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Gratitude is the gift that we give to ourselves, it makes us feel happy by releasing the dopamine hormone. Moreover penning down our thoughts and gratitude messages can lift up our energy for the whole day and it is such an empowering way to start a new day. People who are express gratitude are less likely to complain and have low energy thoughts. We as humans should thank nature for everything and the time of morning is the best to do. Gratitude journaling is a way one can turn the pages and count on the immense blessings they have.

3. Meditate-

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Many times during the day we feel distracted, we are unable to focus on our tasks and it thus becomes a vicious cycle of either incomplete tasks or inefficient tasks. Listening to a meditative commentary makes it a cakewalk. It calms our mind and helps us build control over our senses, thus being very efficient. It works as a very calming activity for our mind. Mediation can be in any form, it can be chanting holy mantras, focusing on your breathing, or doing any form of the meditative process. It is highly recommended to do meditation in order to build concentration power and focus.

4. Work out-

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Exercising an empty stomach before any meal is proven to be very effective in burning excessive calories and fat. The magical phenomenon of fat oxidation happens in the morning, It leads to deep sleep at the end of the day. Being active reduces stress and early signs of depression. Our metabolism is enhanced and improved at the same time making us lose weight. Any sort of physical activity like jogging, going to the gym, dancing, playing a sport will work wonders for your wellbeing. In order to achieve maximum benefits of exercising one should consider it doing in the morning.

5. Learn

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Learning can be in any form, it can be either done by reading a book, listening to a podcast, or learning a new language or concept. It starts off the day on the right foot. Working out helps in the well-being of our physical health and learning something every day is a boon for our mental health. Our grasping power is at its peak and so it is the best time to acquire any knowledge. Having fewer distractions around also helps out and mornings are the time or least distraction. If you are not used to reading a book or listening to a podcast, I highly recommend you to start doing it, Take baby steps and inculcate this habit.

An important part of this routine is to check your social media only after finishing this 5 step accessible routine as the chances are high that one leaves the routine halfway due to the distraction or diversion in attention, our morning focus should be on aforesaid empowering tasks, It can break the chain of consistency and making us feel demotivated and we only want to feel charged with productivity in the morning

This is a very small and easy morning routine to follow, it will make our day full of positivity and productivity. It has an added benefit and that is, it keeps you organized and your thoughts aligned with your goals. I highly recommend you to follow this routine and see how it transforms your routine and thus your life.


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