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5 Professions that will be in demand in the next 5 years

In today's review, we will talk about the most promising professions of the future in the next five years. And provide information on relatively new specializations that are already in demand today, and in the near future might become an integral part of human life.

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The future belongs to robots, and therefore technologies will be introduced into all spheres of human existence. This alignment assumes an increase in demand for technical sciences in the direction of IT.

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1) VR / AR Developer

The field of VR / AR development is one of the most actively developing industries.

For example, Facebook is putting together a development team to work on the "metaverse". This is a virtual world that will be created based on VR / AR technologies.

Also, these technologies are actively used in medicine, education, industry, and other areas.

2) Mechanical / Process / Chemical Engineers

Today in the world there is a demand for engineers who are engaged in the development of the direction of electric vehicles.

For example, the first Tesla plant in Europe was launched in Berlin. To improve their electric vehicles, the company needs competent and experienced engineers.

Auto company Ford plans to increase investment in electric vehicle production to $ 30 billion by 2025. Lamborghini has announced that it will launch the production of electric vehicles by 2030. Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo Cars intend to produce only electric vehicles by this time.

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3) Big Data Engineer

Big data is another growing trend in IT. The amount of data is growing every day. Therefore, the question of their processing and application is becoming more and more relevant.

4) Data Specialist

Data Scientist specialists are engaged in processing and analyzing big data to make forecasts and solve business problems. The number of searches for Data Science specialists has grown by 433% over the past 3 years.

For example, Netflix analyzes viewers' actions using big data. With the help of information about which series people watch more, the series "House of Cards" was created.

Thanks to Chris Liverani

5) Information Security Analyst

The information security analyst is constantly collecting and analyzing data from various sources.

Certainly, the times when doctors or teachers will be replaced by robots will not come very soon, because when choosing a future profession, you need to pay attention to the human factor. Creative people always find work in life, because a machine cannot replace a sharp mind.


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