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5 of my favourite cafes in Dublin

Dubliners stereotypically love a good cupán tae. However, they also have a love for cute instagrammable coffee shops. Dublin has loads of unreal coffee shops, so before you decide to knock into a Starbucks try out one of the following places instead.

For years I was obsessed with this cafe called accents, on lower Stephen's street. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the cafe was forced to closed in July of 2020. This led me and my friends to try to find new cafes to meet up, do college work in and get our daily caffeine fix.

One: Póg

Growing in popularity, Póg is located on Tara Street, Bachelor’s walk and the seaside spots of Clontarf, Malahide and Howth. Póg is the Irish word for kiss. (Pronounced P-O-W-G) This independent cafe chain began in 2014. Their food and drinks are vegan-friendly and their menus are short and easy to choose from. They’re also dog-friendly and their waiting staff are so chatty and kind.

Their ethos is great food, great venue, and great people. The place is literally all of these things. With the most instagrammable cafe venues, with neon signs, house plants and wooden in-door picnic benches. The whole place is a cute photo op.

Two: Network

Located on Aungier Street, across the road from TUD, Technological University Dublin. This cafe is a social hub for business students who study there. As well as the many beauty clients going to and from nails and hair appointments on this street.

Not only do they sell a variety of hot and iced coffee, but they also sell coffee beans and tools for you to recreate the taste at home.Serving breakfast and lunch foods, including muesli, granola, toasties and soups.

Three: Bear Market

Found on both the north and south sides of Dublin, Bear Market Prides itself on providing high-quality, coffee, plenty of vegan options and locally roasted coffee beans. Forest opened in 2009. While the cafes before served a wider variety of breakfast and lunchtime-based meals, Bear Market is for that person looking for a sweet-tasting cake or pastry.

They also sell merchandise like hoodies, caps and tees for any bear market fanatics.

Four: Esquires Coffee

Although this is a larger coffee chain, as it’s Irish-owned and founded I felt like they were a good fit for this list. Plus their coffee is great, dotted all over Ireland, its Dublin coffee locations include Dublin’s Custom house, Ilac Shopping centre and Talbot Street.

Not only do they sell great coffee but they have a six-page menu of food options that cater for breakfast, lunch and kids' items.

Five: Lemon Jelly Cafe

This lovely cafe is the final stop on my list. It is located on the millennium walkway in Dublin 1. This place is bang in the middle of Dublin’s city centre. Right across the luas tracks from the Jervis street shopping centre. This is a great place to stop in while you’re doing a big day of shopping and need a rest, especially on a cold winter's day in the weeks leading up to Christmas! You can put down all your gift shopping and pick up a warm mocha or a ham and cheese toastie. They provide both a breakfast/brunch menu and what they call their evening menu.

I personally love all of these cafés and I hope that on your travels through Baile Átha Cliath you’ll pop into them and see what all the hype is about.


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