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5 Business Opportunities during COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 was a nightmare for the whole world. And still, the nightmare is going on with its new variant and all. The COVID-19 was not easy for any country, business, and people around the world. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it also has an impact on our life in 2021 as well. A huge number of companies, startups, organizations, enterprises, and entrepreneurs faced and are still facing losses for the pandemic. Some businesses need to shut down as they couldn't cope up with the hit of COVID-19. It's bad for business without any doubt.

However, if you want to start a business at this time, you have to keep the new normal world in your consideration. Many things changed after the virus hits the world, people's perspectives of interacting with things and others, purchasing products and services online and offline, and the way of working drastically changed in just one year. Some changes are permanent and some are temporary. But to find out which one is temporary and which one is permanent we have to wait a long time. We have made a list of business ideas that will bloom in this pandemic time and hopefully after that as well. So let's jump to the list;

1. Online Teaching

Online teaching is not a new business idea. You will be shocked to know that online teaching actually started in the early 90s but in 2020 after the pandemic hits, it became widely known in almost every part of the world. It was obviously a crusher for many medium and small schools. Also, it comes with the opportunities for those medium and small schools to teach their courses on online platforms. So if you are passionate about teaching, it could be your small profitable business idea. Also, teaching requires in-depth knowledge and skills on the subject you wanna teach. Though you can teach almost anything you know from academics to drawing and crafting. Now there are 100+ online platforms where you can become a teacher. You can earn $20-30 per hour.

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2. E-commerce

E-commerce sites are also not a new business. It also reached its peak in this pandemic situation. As for the social distancing and lockdown people can't go out to the shopping malls, e-commerce sites actually brought the shopping mall to people's laptops or mobile phones. Also, businesses that didn't have any online presence before 2020, also started to have a website or social media handles. You can start your small business by creating an E-commerce site, or have your business registered in a trusted e-commerce site.

3. Delivery Service

Throughout the pandemic there are lockdowns all over the world, people can't go out for grocery shopping, also small businesses including medium and big businesses came to e-commerce sites where customers and businesses both will need delivery services to deliver the products to customer's doors. You can start a delivery service in your area where you will deliver products from local businesses to local customers.

4. Home Kitchen/ Cloud Kitchen

Before the pandemic almost everyone went to restaurants once in a while, some people went to restaurants almost every day. However, the Covid-19 won't allow people to dine in a restaurant. Working parents, professionals, and students are not able to cook 3 times a day and also for Covid they can't go to the restaurants. Here comes the home kitchen or cloud kitchen service. If you love cooking, you can deliver homemade food to people in your neighbourhood. And this can be a great business opportunity for you. You are expected to make around $100 to $200 a day and with time your business will grow and you can earn even more than this.

5. Social Media Marketing

Do you love spending time on social media and know all the tricks to get the attention of people? Then you can definitely work as a social media marketing manager and earn money by doing something you love. As we mentioned before, all the small and medium businesses which never had any social media or online presence before are also having social media handles now to reach out to their customers in this new normal world. Those enterprises need your help to grow, promote their business. You can start your career as a social media marketing manager with just your laptop or mobile phone. You can expect to earn $20 to $30 per hour. -

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