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3 Amazing subscription boxes you should know about!!

By: Lala Kubba

Don't shop. Subscribe.

Hey everyone! Hope you are having an amazing Friday.

I discovered subscription boxes when studying in London due to their increased popularity today. I am subscribed to a few and today I will be sharing with you today four amazing subscription boxes that each and every one of you should know about.

First subscription box:

Hello Fresh.

Chances are that you have heard of this food subscription box due to the many advertisements. Let me tell you one thing, it is worth it!

Every month a box will come to your door, always on time with fresh and new recipes to try out that you get to choose before. The box will contain the right ingredients to make that special recipe! This not only makes cooking more quicker but also way more fun. Hallo Fresh is much more than a "meal to prep kit."

One of the recipes that I tried was the "Coronation Chicken Curry" which I absolutely loved. Alongside the chicken and vegetables, it included its special curry powder, mango chutney, chicken stock paste, and finally to finish the delicious recipe it included its own sour cream. It tasted divine and to die for, no joke.

Another recipe I tried from HalloFresh is the "Meatloaves with a Sweet Chilli Glaze" The preparation time for this recipe was 10 minutes and the cooking needed 40 minutes. Although longer than the previous recipe to prepare and cook, it was worth it. Some of the ingredients that were included are Ground Beef, Ketchup, panic breadcrumbs, and bulgogi sauce. I genuinely wanted more after trying out this recipe.

Second Subscription box:

Glossy Box

What is better than a high-end beauty subscription service?

This is for all of you makeup and beauty lovers. To me, makeup is one of the most difficult things to shop for! With Glossy box, each month you get 5 different beauty items in an iconic pink box at the start of each month. Not knowing what beauty items will arrive at your door even makes it more exciting.

I have been subscribed with Glossy box for 5 months now, and not one day do I think of unsubscribing. I will share with you some of my favourite items that I have received from Glossy Box over the past 5 months.

The first item is this Liquid Blusher from dwtn Paris. I have never tried a liquid blusher before receiving this from Glossy Box. However, I could never get rid of this, and I re-purchased it after I ran out of it. It is a beautiful rosy liquid blush with an amazing texture that enhances your cheeks by bringing a glowy touch to your casual makeup.

The second item is this Hydrating sea salt moisturiser. This is a product made from 100% pure precious Dead Sea minerals. Placing them in the bath gives you the perfect moisturised skin. Not to mention it smells amazing and makes you feel relaxed more than anything.

The last item that I will be sharing is this gorgeous mini eyeshadow palette that I received. A beautiful eyeshadow palette that gives a natural effortless finish. This eyeshadow palette is by Sophia + Mabelle, a new brand that is cruelty-free.

This is another great thing about Glossy Box; it helps you discover new beauty and makeup brands.

Third Subscription box:


This box is for those of you who are Home Decor Lovers and totally worth the investment!

The third and last subscription box I will be talking about is Decorated. I would say that this subscription box is underrated and definitely deserves more attention.

Decorated is a box that curates the best of home decor each season. Each box contains 6-9 classy and lovely home decor pieces. The Decorated is not delivered every month like other subscription boxes, but delivered quarterly, featuring items inspired by the season. (Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer) meaning it is delivered four times a year at the start of each season.

Decorated is a box that curates the best of home decor each season. Each box contains 6-9 classy and lovely home decor pieces. The Decorated box has everything you need to decorate your home year-round. I subscribed to this box recently, but I have ADORED every decor item I have received.

I have just received one box till now, and I honestly love mixing and matching each piece. Moreover, Decocrated includes a styling booklet that helps you style your home in the best way possible.

I received this gorgeous classy little pumpkin for my first box (fall box)

It is made of wood and steel and is definitely a very unique pumpkin. It fits right next to my books and my fall dried flowers in my room and definitely spiced up my room for this fall. I am in love with the deep blue-green steel. Definitely a change from the traditional orange pumpkin.

I am telling you, if you have an eye for design and enjoy home decorating, then a Decocrated box subscription is definitely for you.


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