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The Fast and Furious franchise.

Fast and furious was created on the absolute thrill and exhilaration of illegal street racing. It was the perfect combination of world-class cars, comedy, fistfights and guns. This only lasted for about 3 movies though, and ultimately the whole plot had changed.

The next 6 movies or so just revolved around them saving the world. Ironically the people who were illegally street racing and committing crimes right left and centre had now swapped characters into superheroes and were working alongside the CIA. This was done by the producers as they tried to appeal to their action movie fans as only racing could've potentially tired fans out.

Despite the action being ultimate exciting, they all started to possess inhumane qualities where they would survive the impossible; Dom and Brian surviving a bridge fall into the water with their car? or when Dom flies across the motorway intersection and grabs Letty off a tank? I understand that's how action movies work but like sir, you should at least be in crutches or limping not running perfectly in the next ten minutes.

Justin Lin (director) did a great job at directing such realistic-viewing scenes he doesn't get enough credit.

One of the funniest things to emerge from this franchise was Dom's joke of being able to do anything with family; with his iconic quote,

"I don't need friends I got family"

The movies have now become so far-fetched and ridiculous that it's just ultimate comedy at this point. Like how Tej and Roman are in space with cars in the latest film!

Here is a little laugh for you to have; here are cars being parachuted from a plane.


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