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Dyson AirWrap: Cleaning & Maintenance | YouTube Video & Blogpost

The Dyson AirWrap is a super fancy and super efficient hair tool. It comes with several extension or attachments to satisfy almost any hair style that one can ever dream of achieving. That bouncy blow out, the straight hair prissy look, the beach-y waves, or those tight-tight curls - the AirWrap is the tool for everything hair! There's no denying.

However when it comes to maintenance, for all those who have been using the AirWrap for over a year - know the flashing of the white light at the bottom of the wand, notifying us that the filter needs cleaning. And so what we do? Youtube a video trying to figure out the process to get it done. I did it too - and Voila! I found an official Dyson video stating just how to do it, steps and all. Phew, mission accomplished - or so I thought.

Yes, I did find how to clean the filter but not the attachments or extensions - which for me, was layered with product residue. I found an overly simplistic cleaning video which involved just removing the broken hair stuck within an attachment - and that's about it!

I needed a solution that would help me in removing the product deposit and sticky residue on the Dyson AirWrap Attachment or Head - and I didn't quite find one.

Tonnes of trial and error later - from using makeup remover to wet-wipes etc and nothing worked. Finally, I found something that did work - and I made a video on it!

Hope this helps you. Do let me know if it does - And if you are looking for a video on cleaning the filter itself and not the attachments, here is a link to the video by Dyson:

Here's wishing you a Super 2021! Let's keep it clean :)

Here's a link if you would like to buy a Dyson AirWrap:


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