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Body Shop Creamy Goodness, 3 Seasonal Favorites

Everyone has their standard Go-To Body Shop Creams, Butters, Lotions... very rarely do we steer away from our Strawberry, Banana, C and E creams. For once though, I thought I'd like to color outside the lines, be a little riské (lol). And went with: I'm gonna try the items that are popping for the season.

Body Shop Creamy Goodness, 3 Seasonal Favorites

So here goes... my lot of out-there scented creams from Body Shop. I'm writing this article, in the hopes that if you are feeling in the mood or a bit gamey for a seasonal change... you might just jump on board and try something new too! And that maybe, just maybe... this review might make you that tad-bit more curious and as well as prepared to venture out to lands untrodden.

1.Mango Body Butter

Body Shop Mango Body Butter

Lucious thick texture like the Body Butters we are familiar with, from Body Shop. Strong Mango fragrance... the ripe mango kind! Sweet smelling, such that it leaves a lingering sweetness on your skin for a while after you have applied it. Sinks in well into your skin, and leaves you feeling like an absolute Goddess.

Pick up your Mango Body Butter here:

2.Fall for Pumpkin Body Butter

Body Shop Fall for Pumpkin Body Butter

The power of smell, strong as might - powerful enough to bring even the colors of a memory right back. This is one of those! Fall, pumpkins, vanillas spiced lattes and all the dried oranges... this is it. Fall in a box!

Buttery goodness that you will want to latter yourself up with, after a hot shower; or just a quick freshen up after your WFH (work from home) day. The smell of this will definitely pick your mood up, as well as those around you. So much so, that they might just want to take a bite out of you! wink* wink*

3.Juicy Pear Body Yogurt

Body Shop Juicy Pear Body Yogurt

Light like a water, just brushes over your skin and is soaked right up - like your skin is drinking in the pear-y yumminess. The same consistency as the Yogurts at Body Shop - this Juicy Pear is no different!

Beautifully refreshing in scent, perfect for a summers day! No white residue, no stickiness (like you would get from heavier creams), just good's nourishment. A must-have for those hot hot days or even just a relaxed, top-knot, no-makeup day at home!

If the seasons are not your favs, check out the all time strawberry Body Shop range blog - you might just find something there that you enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Good luck of your out-of-box adventures ;)

Please Note: I've tried my best to include links to products. You may be able to purchase the ones I couldn't link, at your local Brand Stores. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from links placed in this blog.

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