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5 of the best instant noodles.

Instant noodles are one of the easiest and tastiest forms of struggle meals or snacks. Here is the hierarchy of my top 5 all-time favourite brands. Add a side of fresh veggies and crack an egg and you're good to go!

Coming in at number 5 in Nissin noodles!

Most famously known for their cup noodles, Nissin was founded by Momofuku Ando; the person we should all be thankful for; as he is known as the inventor of Instant noodles. Say thank you, everyone!

Nissin noodles has over 100 different flavours with chicken being the first invented, but my favourite is the spicy shrimp one. The prices for these noodles start conveniently at £1.25 GBP at your local Tescos.

Number 4 is the well-known brand MAMA by Thai Presidents Foods.

This brand of noodles plays such a big role in Thailand that the company shares have been traded on the stock exchange of Thailand.

They have also received multiple halal certificates so it's a win situation for all my Muslims!

From their variety of 50+ different flavours, the most liked and well known is Shrimp flavour tom yum, with the rich creamy flavours and hot broth, a side of fresh rice completes the noodles perfectly.

Number 3 is the TikTok rising favourite brand Buldak Samyang noodles.

Samyang Foods co. created the first ramen in September 1963, to overcome South Koreas food shortage. Their mission succeeded and they were able to improve diets and played a key role in improving national health. TikTok cooking videos typically rack up millions of views; the most circulating flavour on TikTok currently with over 14M views is Samyang Carbonara, with its prices also increasing on Amazon and other marts. However, I do personally prefer the curry flavour and feel as though no other flavour can beat it, it has the perfect balance of spice, flavour and happiness.

Buy them here. Side note it's Halal certified yay!

Number 2 on the noodle spectrum is Indomie noodles, more specifically The original Mi Goreng noodles.

Coming back exhausted after University lessons, these fried noodles bring me absolute joy!

Indofood the company which produces Indomie noodles is the largest instant noodle producer in the world with 16 factories, and over 15 billion packets are sold annually. Impressive right?

Besides being well-known in its home country Indonesia, this brand has picked another country with million of lovers Nigeria! For over 20 years Indomie has become the country's favourite and leading noodle brand.

My absolute favourite choice would be the fried noodles shown above, mix in some green peppers, tomatoes and onions and voila 5* Michelin. Buy them here

And taking the crown for the ultimate best instant noodle, number 1 is............... Shin Ramyun!

It is also gaining a lot more fans from its exposure on TikTok. Shin Ramyun is produced by the South Korean company Nongshim and is the highest selling noodle brand in South Korea.

The original Shin Ramyun noodles are absolute heaven in a pack, the flavours, spices, broth everything is exceptional. Perfect for a binge night, add some fishcakes, veggies or fried egg and it will be a meal you will remember for eternity.

I hope you will run to your nearest mart for some good noodles after this!


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