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3 BodyShop Baked Makeup Products: Bronze it, Blush it, Highlight it!

Who doesn't like the everyday glow-y bronzy look? The one where you can step out of the house and just look like the youthful fabulous person you are in your soul. On the days you don't want to have the heavy foundation on, and just want to grab coffee with a friend. Or hell, on those all glam days too - these are three body shop makeup products you must have! These are my absolute secret ingredients to achieving that youthful happy everyday glow.

Whether you pick up all three, or just get the one you most need in your daily make up routine - here is my run down on their baked goods.

Bronze it ! The Body Shop Baked-To-Last 01 Golden Bronze

The Body Shop Baked-To-Last 01 Golden Bronze

This is one fabulous product - it's not a matt product like most bronzers in the market. Not to say the matt look isn't amazing. I just prefer to make a bit of the dewiness that comes from the tiny specks of shimmer it has within it. The shimmer is not the thick and chunky kind - you know the ones that may seem that you've gone a bit overboard with your makeup! This is not that. It's more of the bronze everyday goddess.

Perfect for your check bones! I even use it on my forehead and under my jaw line. So if you are looking for that bronzy look with a tiny bit of shimmer, this is the product for you!

For all those shopping in India, sadly they don't sell this 01 Bronze shade here. Something about it not going with the mass Indian skin tone - which I think is not true at all! I bought mine in Dubai, and I bet you could find yours online.

Link to Buy: (UK)

Blush it ! The Body Shop Baked-To-Last 02 Warm Glow

Now this is my longest used makeup product ever! I hit the pan on it and then kept getting restocked on it again and again. Not that a little product goes a long way and that the product doesn't last forever - I just use it almost everyday no matter what makeup look I do.

Body Shop categorizing this as a bronzer however due to the pink tones in it, I like to use it as a blush! It's perfect for that everyday look too! It give you that light flushness on your cheeks, with tiny-tiny specks of skimmer.

Warning: Since it is a bronzer, it could come off as a bit to heavy - so make sure you start with a little and build it up from there.

Link to buy: (India)

Highlight it! The Body Shop Illuminator Highlighter

I've used several highlighter stick over time and great powder based products as well, and when I saw this one in the store - I had to pick it up. Since I enjoy the formula for the two baked products (mentioned above) quite a bit and have religiously been using them - this buy was a no brainer for me.

I love that they have both the gold and silver flecks in it! Body Shop recommends that you roll your brush around in it and apply it to your face, however I enjoy using a fine brush and pickup the color I choose as well for the inner corner of my eyes, or to even highlight the brow bone. I do mix both and do the blush roll around in the pan as well, for when I apply it to the cheeks.

For all those of you who have used the baked products before - the shimmer specks in this are much larger than the ones in the 01 and 02 above. Hence you may choose to keep on this product, if you don't enjoy that sparkly look.

Link to Buy: (India)

I've done my best to add pics to this blog post to show you the end results of the products on my face. I do hope it helps you! Here's hoping you enjoyed this blog post and that it was informative and helpful.


Please Note: I've tried by best to include links to products. You may be able to purchase the ones I couldn't link, at your local The Body Shop Store.

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